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Learn computer programming with our beginner-friendly platform. Individually or in a classroom, we want to be the start of your programming journey.

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At Blackbird School...

Everyone can learn to code

Our platform is beginner-friendly. Learn from engaging lessons, fun projects, and helpful error messages.

Practice makes programmers

Our lessons give you real programming practice minus the long videos and long articles. At Blackbird School you can dive right in.

Programming is fun

Among other fun projects and practice you can learn to write your own games in our introductory curriculum.

What makes us unique


Watch your programs run, line by line

Computers can perform billions of operations in a second, but with our platform you can slow them down to human speed. Run your programs line by line and see exactly what is happening at each step.


Understandable error messages

Error messages are known for being hard to understand. No longer! Our application has friendly messages for thousands of common and not-so-common programming errors.


Never get stuck

Hit a roadblock? With our comprehensive in-app documentation panel and Show me feature, you'll never get stuck on our lessons!


Lots of lessons

We believe the only way to master a skill is practice. We'll be adding new lessons all the time!

Programming should be for everyone

13 of the 25 highest paying careers in 2018 were in the tech industry1, where programming is an essential skill, however:

  • Women only hold 36% of tech jobs2
  • African Americans only hold only 7% of tech jobs2
  • Latinos only hold 8% of tech jobs2

The tech industry is biased toward white men. We want to provide learning opportunities for all so women and minorities can take a proportional role in the industry.

1 - Glassdoor – Highest Paying Jobs in America Report (https://www.glassdoor.com/List/Highest-Paying-Jobs-LST_KQ0,19.htm)
2 - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/statistics/reports/hightech/)
icon - Earth by Angelo Troiano from the Noun Project

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About us

Most of us are programmers who learned the hard way. We're writing a new programming education system so you don't have to. See our our About page.


What is programming anyway? How is it different from coding, hacking, or engineering? Read this document expaining our view on programming.

White paper

Interested in our philosophy about teaching programming? Read the white paper that lays out our ideas.